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Experience true autonomy with our marketing agency’s comprehensive training programs. We believe in sharing our knowledge to empower you. By acquiring an in-depth understanding of various marketing domains, you can confidently decide to tackle tasks yourself or delegate them consciously and effectively.





Fair Trade

Fair Trade

Branding and

· Corporate Image, vision, mission, slogan and logo
· Positioning, SEO and SEM
· Tools and tips for optimizing paid promotions on Meta Ads and Google Ads (including technical support for opening a business ad account or in case of disabled accounts).
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Social media

· Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok,… (who, what, how, when and where to do posts, stories and reels).
· How to create a community in Facebook/Instagram and tools to gain followers.
· Connect with the latest trends, and become one.
· How to optimize time and efforts using WhatsApp Business
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Consultancy areas

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We’re not just marketing professionals; we’re dedicated to human evolution and consciousness development. Let our personalized mentorship empower your journey.

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Experience the power of well-organized inner growth events through our 8-week program. Designed to meet the needs of professionals like you, this comprehensive course offers a unique opportunity to understand the intricacies of event planning. It promises a remarkable 60%+ increase in your financial returns. Secure your spot now for a prosperous future now.

Learn how to create a successful event/retreat in the realm of inner growth, spirituality, or psychology with over 60% profitability in under 3 months, even if you have no prior experience in the field. 
Participate in this online course and receive a complementary comprehensive PDF guide covering budgeting, logistics, administration, marketing, and sales strategies while infusing your unique essence into what you wish to offer to others based on your expertise.
Exclusively for coaches, psychotherapists, facilitators, or individuals with a background in the psychotherapeutic/spiritual domain.

From Dec 4th 2023 to March 4th 2024

We are looking for 12 passionate coaches, entrepreneurs, or psychotherapists ready to maximize their event profitability. If you’re already established in your field and eager to enhance your results, this course is tailored to elevate your success.


Getting views is valuable, but only if they convert into potential leads and end customers. That is why our team will develop a marketing strategy that attracts visitors through multiple channels, on and off-line, and increases the final sales of your products.


We believe in the essential values of life: truth, autonomy and connectivity for ethical collective growth. We support and accompany your business and those who co+create new economic, educational, business, family paradigms...

Being present makes
the difference
for your business, and for the world

Your are an organization or professional dedicated to support others and the environment we live in with:

 Ancestral remedies · Organic Wellbeing · Ethical commerce · Fair trade products · Transparent Leadership · Eco-villages · Sustainable Development · NGOs



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